‘Sharting’ to be renamed ‘Faraging’

‘SHARTING’ is to be renamed ‘Faraging’ in honour of the former UKIP leader, it has been confirmed.

Officials said Nigel Farage has come to epitomise the act – in which people accidentally shit themselves while trying to fart – and that naming it after him ‘would be better than a peerage’.

A spokesman for the Oxford English Dictionary explained: “Look at any transcript of his speeches – you know it’s going to be unpleasant, but it is always so much more disgusting and stomach-turning than you could have imagined.”

He added: “I actually Faraged last week after some dodgy quinoa.”

Experts also drew attention to the parallels between the UK essentially soiling itself by letting the former UKIP leader’s xenophobic rhetoric lead to the country’s oh-god-we-really-shit-the-bed-here-guys Brexit vote.