Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Sociopath staring directly into camera during Zoom meeting

A DEEPLY unhinged junior accountant is staring directly at his laptop’s camera throughout the Monday morning Zoom meeting, colleagues have confirmed. 

Tom Booker unsettled co-workers by maintaining a fixed, unblinking gaze throughout the video conference rather than looking at images of himself, his co-workers, or the phone on his lap.

Boss Nikki Hollis confirmed: “He stared down that camera like he was devouring our souls with his eyes. It was like he was looking directly at us.

“Not a second was spared to look randomly upward into a corner, or to flick around at whoever was speaking, or to glance at someone off-camera entering the room who’d forgotten about the call.

“His eyes burned out of the screen like fiery coals. I’ve seen hostage videos that were less intense. He looked like he should have had an AK47 across his lap.”

A spokesman for Zoom said: “Our service is not for people to attempt to make eye contact. The camera is only there to show your boss that you have clothes on.”