Superman Suit Will Enable Wearer To See Women’s Undies

SCIENTISTS could one day develop a 'Superman' suit that will give the wearer x-ray vision, allowing him to look at women's underwear through their clothes.

"Your curtains are just yuck!"

Research, published in the International Journal of Physics, suggests that emerging technologies could pave the way for a new generation of fully-functioning superhero costumes.

Not only will humans be able to scale walls, but a Spiderman costume will allow them to catch their enemies in a huge net and deliver them safely to the police.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of Dundee University, said: "The owner of the Superman suit could walk through a crowd totally looking at all the women's bras and panties and no-one would know.

"He'd also be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound which means he can look at all the women's undies on one side of the building on the way up, and then look at all the other women's undies on the other side of the building on the way down."

He added: "The suit will also allow him to travel at the speed of light which means he could steal dozens of pairs of undies from the same neighbourhood, give them a right good sniff and have them back in the laundry before anyone even knows they're gone."

According to Brubaker, the owner of a Batman costume would possess the superhuman ability to host fabulous Oscar Night parties and have a great eye for interiors.