Virtual reality game lets player sit peacefully in the pub on their own

A NEW VR game gives players a simulated experience of being in a nice pub alone, enjoying a pint and not being bothered by anyone.

Lone Daytime Drinker gives users the choice of 18 pubs around the UK, a full range of drinks, some battered Lee Child books and more than 450 individually-rendered NPCs who will leave you blissfully alone.

Game designer Tom Logan said: “You can watch football if you want. Unremarkable Championship games, that pass the time.

“Whenever you slouch up to the bar there’s a fresh one waiting, crisps as desired, there’s no urinating next to strangers and there’s never a fucking act on.

“Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, tabletop Galaxian, toasties, and the option of a sleeping dog. That’s DLC, an extra £8.99.

“Honestly, you won’t believe how thrilling it is just to get a bit of bloody peace and quiet. And you can put November Rain on the jukebox and nobody gives a shit.

“I do it instead of sleeping. It’s home now.”