We ask you: should cafes ban laptops and their overpaid scum users?

A CANTERBURY cafe has banned laptops and claims it has helped build a community. Should others do the same? 

Jim Bates, software designer: “So I pay £4.80 for a coffee and a chat with wankers? F**k that for a business model.”

Jules Cook, poet: “But they haven’t banned original 1964 Olivetti typewriters? Sounds like me and the lads from Hell’s Hipsters have a new HQ.”

Lottie Phleps, barista: “Well, someone’s lost a valuable income stream of stealing Amazon logins by installing surveillance bots on the wifi.”

Jo Kramer, marketing consultant: “They shouldn’t ban them, just confiscate them and put them in a drawer and the customers can’t have them back until they ask for them, muttering and shamefaced, at the end of the day.”

Steve Malley, florist: “I’m bringing in a desktop PC, an ultrawide monitor and surround sound speakers. F**king the Man through a loophole.”

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