Woman has valid reason for not closing each of her 47 open tabs

A WOMAN has a legitimate reason for each of the 47 tabs on her computer being open.

Nikki Hollis has provided a robust justification for the existence of each tab, all 47 of which have been carefully chosen and curated over time and most not be closed at any cost.

She said: “This one is my go-to lasagna recipe. As you’ll see it has a five-star rating based on over a thousand reviews and if I shut it, I might never find it again.

“I’ve got the Tesco website open to remind me to do my weekly shop, otherwise I’ll forget to go.

“That one is a 3,000-word feature about why Gwyneth Paltrow is either a total charlatan or completely off her nut.

“I probably won’t get around to reading that article on the Zika virus, but it’s been open so long now that it feels like family.

“That one is just some Italian pornography. Very dirty.”