Woman loves Amazon Echo thing more than she loves boyfriend

A WOMAN has developed feelings for a device that is more attentive and useful than her boyfriend, it has emerged.

Nikki Hollis, 28, was given the voice-activated speaker by her boyfriend Tom Booker for Christmas and has found it more capable of a supportive and fulfilling relationship than he is.

Hollis said: “The Amazon thing is there for me in ways that Tom has never been. It listens to what I say and responds instantly without me having to repeat myself 19 times.

“It is happy with my music choices and doesn’t roll its eyes when I want to have a big weep along to the Titanic soundtrack. It can even control the thermostat without getting in a massive, defensive huff about not understanding how it works.

“Sometimes it accidentally orders 2,400 toilets rolls from Sainsbury’s when I’ve only asked for 12, but, hey, nobody’s perfect and relationships are all about compromise.

“I’ll admit the sex part of the relationship is somewhat lacking, but Tom is no great shakes in that area either.”