Woman postpones software update for 500th day in a row

A WOMAN has clicked ’not now’ on her automatic software update for the 500th consecutive day.

Jane Thomson reacted to the notification in the top-right corner of her screen by saying ‘whatever’, much as she has done every day for almost 18 months.

Thomson said: “Apparently there are important software updates that need to be installed, but there are also important episodes of The Good Wife that need to be illegally downloaded, so why don’t we try doing the updates tomorrow?

“Except tomorrow, I expect I’ll be playing Minecraft, or putting pictures of my breakfast on Pinterest. So we’re probably looking at the weekend, unless something else comes up.”

Thomson said that most of the software updates seemed to refer to applications she did not know she had.

She said: “Apparently GarageBand will run more smoothly if I install this update. That will certainly come in handy when I decide to record an electronica album.”

Thomson added that if the software was so important it should have been on her computer in the first place.