Woman rearranges dishwasher for three hours to avoid washing a mug

A WOMAN spent three hours rearranging the crockery in her dishwasher in a desperate attempt to fit in one more mug.

Marie Hopkins, from Bristol, had just finished loading up all the dirty dishes when she spotted a used coffee mug next to the kettle that had to be cleaned otherwise life would become meaningless.

Hopkins said: “My first port of call was to try to squeeze it in between the other mugs but it wouldn’t fit. Then I attempted to shove it in next to the bowls but that didn’t work either. At this point it had become a pain in my arse.

“I then thought about taking a sledgehammer to the entire bastard. It was very close. And then I decided to just buy a second dishwasher, but it was 1am and I realised I wouldn’t have been able to get a plumber. Or a dishwasher.

“So I ended up taking everything out and putting it all back in again. However, the little piece of shit would still not fit.”

She added: “Anyway, I’ve decided to just sell the house. The new owner can deal with this ghastly mug business.”