Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Woman who took quick glance at Instagram looks up and five years have passed

A WOMAN who had a quick one-second peek of Instagram has looked up to find five years of her life have disappeared. 

Emma Bradford of Colchester swears she was only on the app for moments, but that it now appears to be 2021, her kids are really tall and her husband is married to her friend Hannah.

She said: “I was just waiting for the microwave to ping and scrolling through cakes that looked like watermelons. Then there was a cat in the snow and that was it. I was sucked in.

“All I remember since 2016 is a puppy barking at a lonely parrot, a pair of tanned knees on a beach, bearded boys in overtight jeans and – oh look, another ten years have passed, just looking at lovely square images. Lovely, lovely squares.

“Ah, apparently the kids have grown up and moved out. Hannah and my husband have a child of their own. The pandemic is over and Dover has collapsed into rising seas.

“This tells me I should probably put my phone down, but I just need to react to a few more people’s stories.”