World beyond smartphone screen just a dull blur

HUMANS experience the world as a sequence of vague backdrops surrounding their phone screen, it has emerged.

It is everything

It is everything

Researchers found that modern families sit in their living rooms staring at hand-held devices, only vaguely aware of each other’s presence as indistinct pinkish blobs.

Psychologist Emma Bradford said: “People still spend time together wherever there are nice soft chairs to sit on. But whether it’s at home, work or in the pub they’re fully immersed in dicking around on their phones.

“Teenagers have dubbed non-phone reality ‘the blur’, or ‘beyond the rectangle’.

“But to make everyone feel better about that, a group of phone-dickers is described as a ‘digital hub’. Which sounds sort of cool and worthwhile.”

The portable nature of technology means that most people do not even know where they are.

Momentarily diverted from Candy Crush Saga, 23-year-old Nikki Hollis said: “Is this outside, or am I in a massive building?

“I mostly just wander around, staring at my phone.

“Sometimes people bring me food that I’ve ordered via an app on my phone, it’s like a 3D arm emerges from the blur holding a pizza or some chips.”