16-year-old pretty sure these aren’t the real GCSEs

A 16-YEAR-OLD taking his GCSEs is confident that these are just mocks or a practice or something like that. 

Wayne Hayes, who was surprised to arrive at school yesterday and discover he had a three-hour biology exam, believes this will be good training for the real thing, whenever it is. 

He said: “Yeah, it was properly like an actual exam. All silent and no textbooks. I took it as seriously as I reasonably could. 

“Teachers are hardcore into it though. I asked Mrs Heydecker and she was like ‘These are the actual GCSEs, Wayne.’ I was like okay method actor, don’t break character on my account. 

“Though I’m not sure it isn’t counterproductive because I’m in school so much I haven’t got time to even revise, what with my online gaming schedule. They should’ve thought of that.” 

Hayes is expected to realise his mistake halfway through next week’s Physics GCSE, when he will loudly say ‘oh SHIT’ before frantically calling for more paper.