Monday, 25th May 2020

32-year-old man still expects praise for parking

A DRIVER of 15 years’ standing still expects his excellent parking skills to be commented on by anyone in the passenger seat. 

Joseph Turner has been driving for almost half his life but demands admiration for his mastery of the parking manoeuvres.

He said: “If you’re not the driver, you don’t think about the care and precision required to back into a tight spot. Let alone being eagle-eyed enough to find the optimum space in the first instance.

“Last summer on holiday I parallel parked on a one-lane street in the centre of a busy Greek island hill town. It worked first time, in a hire car I wasn’t even familiar with.

“My girlfriend got straight out without saying anything, like I was her Uber driver.”

He added: “Sometimes I say things as I switch off the engine like, ‘Dead on,’ or ‘We were lucky to find this space, weren’t we?’ but nobody ever takes the hint.

“I wish my old driving instructor Rob was still in the car with me. ‘Great parking, Joe,’ he always used to say.”