Monday, 8th March 2021

Actual working class family insulted to be called working class

A WORKING class family have said they are not keen on the term, unlike middle class people who like to call themselves that.

After a survey found that large numbers of well-heeled people strangely claim to be working class, bricklayer Tom Logan and his family said being described as such would lead to them ‘having words’.

Logan said: “I don’t get why middle class types call themselves working class. Maybe they think it’s trendy. But I was on a building site in the freezing f**king rain yesterday, and it didn’t feel very trendy, just wet.

“If they really were working class they’d say, ‘Who are you calling working class, you patronising wanker?’

“I can’t even see the point in pretending to be a different class if you’re obviously not. I don’t go around calling myself Prince Thomas and referring to my two-bed semi as Romford Castle.” 

Wife Sarah said: “Working class, that’s us. Ketchup with everything. Beer, not wine. Tea brewed for 10 minutes. Always glued to the telly. Repairing our bikes in the living room. 

“No, I’m getting confused, that was an episode of The Royle Family.”