All drug-related crime ‘basically the same as Breaking Bad’

ANY real-life situation involving illegal drugs is like something out of Breaking Bad, according to newspaper editors.

Media executives confirmed that coverage of any drug-related crime must contain at least one reference to the hit US show, ideally showing a picture of the culprit alongside an image of main character Walter White.

Editor Roy Hobbs said: “Yesterday a 17-year-old girl got busted smuggling a load of pills into the UK. That is so similar to Breaking Bad it’s uncanny.

“In fact it’s practically the same story except the protagonist is younger and female, not a teacher, smuggling drugs not making them, involved with a different type of drug and living in a different country.

“Truly this is life imitating art.”

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Intrepid daredevil spurns travel insurance

A FEARLESS adventurer has stunned friends by venturing overseas with scant regard for lost luggage or flight delays.

27-year-old Julian Cook laughed in the face of danger by booking a long weekend in Tallinn without protection for personal liability or natural disasters.

He said: “I suppose I just get a rush from boarding a plane without any legal recourse if it’s cancelled or delayed by more than 12 hours.

“You could call me a gung-ho thrill seeker, but I’ve never been one to play by the so-called rules. I’ll probably leave my phone switched on for takeoff and landing too.”

“People ask me why I don’t have a bum bag for my wallet and passport. It’s because my balls are too big to wear one.”

Cook’s friend Mary Fisher said: “Tom is living the life we all dream of, but I’d never be brave enough to do what he does.

“I’m terrified that one day he’ll go too far, and find himself having to pay to repatriate his missing luggage, but Tom just leaves all that in the lap of destiny. I guess that’s why they call him Captain Courageous.”