As a middle-class vegan, the vegetable crisis is life-threatening to me

TABLOIDS joke about it. The supermarkets pretend it is no big deal. But as a middle-class vegan, vegetable rationing is life-threatening to me.

When I saw that supermarkets were limiting sales of cucumbers, broccoli and bell peppers, I fell to my knees in my open-plan kitchen-dining area with cedarwood countertops and cried out ‘Why?’

I’d seen the writing on the wall already. Since January I’ve been forced to surreptitiously serve my children non-organic vegetables on occasion. They didn’t notice, though I’m sure their cognition is impaired.

But for this to happen? For tomatoes and cauliflower to be restricted to two per customer? For the iron walls of an invisible prison to crash down around us, condemning us to starve for our ethical beliefs?

What next? Aubergines? Rocket? Avocados? Without these staples of our selfless, planet-saving diet, how can we be expected to survive?

I was called hysterical when I said Brexit meant death for vegans like us. I was told to accept the democratic will of the people, even though they had voted for me and my blameless family to be cleansed from the country. Well, you can’t call me hysterical today.

Soon, five-bedroom households across the country will fall silent, the only sound drifting from behind closed curtains the babble of Radio 4, or 6Music if my husband’s home.

We cling to the lifeline that is Waitrose, the last bastion of vegan freedom, the only supermarket courageous and expensive enough not to impose any restrictions.

If we can make it to summer, the tomatoes in our greenhouse will ripen and we will be saved. Though that will, heartbreakingly, mean a Christmas without chutneys.

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Gorgeous woman posts underwear picture to inspire body positivity among fat ugly people

A STUNNING woman has posted a revealing photograph of herself in her bra and knickers to remind heffalumps to be positive about their bodies.

Striking part-time model Lauren Hewitt bared all in a brave and honest Instagram post, where she wore nothing but a smile and her designer underwear.

Hewitt said: “I was thinking about all the people out there who are scared to show off their bodies – people with cellulite, wrinkles and belly fat – and thought, hey, why not inspire them to embrace what God gave them?

“We all have body struggles. I’ve always been self-conscious of my narrow waist and blonde, flowing hair, but taking these pictures and posting them online might help someone, somewhere, feel okay with themselves.

“The response has been incredible. Over 10,000 likes in just a few days – mainly from blokes. It’s so wonderful to see them supporting the body positivity movement too.”

However friend Hannah Tomlinson said the post made her feel worse.

She said: “Lauren looks better without make-up than I do on my best day. And she claims it’s not photoshopped – just to rub salt in the f**king wound.

“I suppose it inspired me to embrace my body in the sense that I felt like such a lump after seeing it that instead of going to the gym, I stayed at home eating crisps.”