Drinkers eagerly waiting for cocktail barman to f**k up

CUSTOMERS at a fancy cocktail bar are hoping against home that the smug ‘mixologist’ juggling bottles behind it breaks something soon. 

The slick-haired barman, who throws spinning bottles up behind his back then catches them even when just pouring a gin and tonic, is headed for a fall and absolutely nobody wants to miss it.

Carolyn Ryan said: “Oh, that moment. That moment when a bottle of Midori shatters on the floor, his toothy grin freezes, and he has to shuffle off and get a broom.

“I ordered a Long Island Ice Tea purely on the basis of how many spirits it contained, hoping against hope that I’d be the lucky girl that made it happen.

“Sadly I wasn’t but he’s getting overconfident and my mate’s flirting with him specifically to break his concentration, so it’s only a matter of time.”

Mixologist Olly said: “Wow, they’re six-deep at the bar just to watch me perform. Well, why not give them a real show–

“Whoops. Fuck. Why’s everyone smiling?”