Being proved right about Brexit more important than future of UK

BRITONS are hoping the UK will suffer social and economic chaos if it supports their views on Brexit, they have revealed.

People on both sides of the debate would prefer there to be a crippling recession, riots in the streets and possibly civil war rather than lose a small amount of face.

Administrator Tom Logan said: “I predicted Brexit would cause a recession, so I’m hoping everyone will lose their jobs so I can be proved right to some pillocks on the internet.

“Ideally I’d like to see a 1930s-style depression but I’m not fussy. Even a few companies pulling out of the UK and devastating local communities would be a big ‘up yours’ to the smug Brexit gits.”

HR assistant Emma Bradford said: “I said there’d be riots if the government fudges Brexit, so I’m hoping there’ll be widespread civil unrest and people burning down liberal elite shops like Sainsbury’s.

“I’m not particularly in favour of descending into a bloody civil war but it would prove a valuable point to my Remainer friend Janet.”