Big decisions should always be left until last possible moment, confirm experts

LIFE’S most important decisions are best ignored and put off until they become absolutely impossible to avoid, a study has confirmed.

Experts found that taking time to thoroughly think big decisions through is not as effective as making a last minute snap decision based on stress and fear.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “The more rushed you feel when making a decision, the better you’ll be able to brush things off when it turns out you’ve made the wrong call – which you inevitably will, because you’ve given it almost no thought.”

According to the study, smaller decisions, such as what to have for lunch, or whether to take an umbrella with you to work, should be thought through obsessively.

Professor Brubaker added: “The more you tear the arse out of worrying about the little things in life, the greater your ability to delay thinking about the big things.”

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Corbyn absolutely sure public will warm to him by 2037

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn is sure that, given another two decades, the British public will learn to love him. 

Confirming that he will not resign even if defeated in a landslide, Corbyn said he would remain as Labour leader until ‘Corbynmania’ arrives in 2037.

He added: “I’m changing people’s minds literally every day. Yesterday two people sort of agreed with me about something.

“It would be insane to walk away when this thing is just beginning to snowball.”

Political commentator Tom Logan said: “On the bright side, another 20 or perhaps 25 years and we might have some fucking clue as to what he really thinks about Brexit.”