Both members of couple think they are the hot one

A MAN and a woman both consider themselves the good-looking one in their relationship.

Tom Booker and Emma Bradford both appreciate the other’s wonderful personality, while remaining quietly confident they are physically superior.

Booker said: “She has a fantastic sense of humour. Once you get to know her you soon forget all about the haircut and the clothes.

“When people meet us I can tell they sometimes think ‘that dude is good-looking but he’s punching a little below his weight’. But it’d punch them for saying that, even though it is fundamentally true.”

Emma Bradford said: “When we met I thought ‘You’re actually a bit worse than your profile picture’. He had slightly greasy hair and thin arms like a schoolgirl.

“But I liked him and encouraged him to buy nicer clothes so that people wouldn’t think I was his carer.”

However Booker added: “I think going out with another hot person would be boring, we’d just be too similar. With Emma I get to see the world from a normal-looking person’s perspective.

“Probably don’t tell her I said that though.”