British Council of Boy Racers to decide if Mazdas are cool

BRITAIN’S highest-ranking boy racer council will this weekend decide whether Mazdas are cool.

The country’s leading assembly of greasy, hyperactive lads from market towns has yet to make a formal ruling, with judges set to hear arguments on both sides.

Part-time happy hardcore MC Wayne Hayes said: “I’m in favour of keeping Mazdas in the fold.

“You can put a massive exhaust on them and drive them up to sixth form colleges at 3pm and you’ll get the same admiring glances as you would in a 1992 Vauxhall Nova.

“Mazdas are pretty tame in their standard form, but with enough stickers and bits of luminous plastic you can basically make anything look amazing.”

But anti-Mazda activist Nathan Muir said: “They no longer have Wankel Rotary Engines so this whole thing is a waste of time. We need to focus on electric blue 1999 Seat Ibizas.

A ruling is expected to be delivered in a regional McDonalds car park on Sunday afternoon.