Britons of all races united against Daily Mail

MULTI-RACIAL Britons are united in thinking the Daily Mail is full of shit.

As the newspaper once again revelled in division, Britons of all races confirmed that they were joined by a belief that the Mail is a load of paranoia and semi-pornography written by and for freaks.

Arjun Patel, of Worcester, said: “Minor cultural differences can soon be overcome when you’ve both read a Mail article about transgender-only schools, Liz Jones or ‘the hidden science of sex’ and gone ‘that is bollocks’.

“I used to hate my West Indian neighbour until we compared notes on Samantha Brick’s article on female obesity. Now we play dominoes twice a week.”

Swindon-based Roy Hobbs said: “Black, white or Asian, anyone who thinks Littlejohn’s a twat, or that articles inviting the reader to simultaneously condemn and leer over drunk female students are very wrong, is alright by me.”