Builders working on rich couple’s house not aware they are unpaid interns

BUILDERS renovating a wealthy couple’s large Cotswolds home do not realise they are unpaid interns, it has emerged.

Julian and Sally Cook, who work run a London PR firm, bought the 16th century farmhouse and then decided the best way to renovate it would be by getting people to do it for free.

Julian Cook said: “These builders are getting some great building experience to put on their CVs.

“We know a lot of well-off people so it’s a fantastic opportunity for them to showcase things like their bathroom-tiling skills to potential clients.

“We also provide a kettle and a generous supply of tea bags. They have to get their own milk though, you can’t provide that because they’d just steal it.”

Builder Wayne Hayes said: “They seem like nice enough people, and you can’t turn down six months’ work. Plus they agreed to the quote right away.”

Cook added: “Agreeing to pay them was just part of the ‘work experience role play’ designed to prepare them for the ‘real world’ of business. I think we all understood that.

“Anyway they haven’t got the money to sue us, so fuck them.”