Callous monster not tweeting about Boko Haram

A WOMAN from Cheltenham has been condemned for her ongoing silence about Boko Haram on social media.

Get her

Get her

Architect Eleanor Shaw was described as a ‘vile apologist for terrorism’ after making no mention of the Islamist militant group on the internet.

Web user Stephen Malley said: “Ms Shaw could have heroically raised awareness of the situation in Nigeria among her 236 Facebook friends by posting a link to a Huffington Post story with some sad emojis.

“But her only recent activity has been to change her profile picture to a lemon wearing sunglasses, and tweet complaints about engineering works to First Great Western.”

Joseph Turner, a former friend of Ms Shaw, said: “How can we ever hope to defeat extremism if Boko Haram isn’t a trending topic?”

Expert analysis of Shaw’s social media platforms has revealed a shocking indifference to the suffering of others.

The coldhearted 32-year old posted nothing about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, thus hampering the search for the missing plane, and has refused to express an opinion about Ukraine even after George Clooney got involved.

Media analyst Nikki Hollis said: “Eleanor Shaw has repeatedly used social media to share family photos, rather than for its intended purpose of overcoming global injustice.

“She should reflect that for evil to triumph, all that needs to happen is for good people to not use hashtags.”