Chef claims to eat his chips out of a tin mug at home

A CHEF has claimed that when he has chips at home he eats them out of a tin mug, plant pot or miniature fry-basket. 

Tom Booker, head chef at Metro Bar in Kendal, admits that he is too tired for any fancy cooking at home and usually just throws a few slivers of fried potato into a metal canister. 

He continued: “It’s a knackering job, so in the evening I’m slumped on the settee with just a jam-jar of lager and a toy wheelbarrow of fried chicken. 

“I need a big breakfast because I’m burning carbs all day, so I’ll have a stack of pancakes on a coal-shovel and a vintage glass milk bottle of protein shake before I head out. 

“But I’m such a slob on days off. I can barely be arsed to nail my pizza to a dartboard before I eat it.”

Friend Joanna Kramer said: “He did serve me a meal on a plate once, but it was soup.”