Cornish person genuinely thinks it is some sort of a country

A WOMAN from Cornwall thinks it is a nation of some kind, it has emerged.

Sales representative Emma Bradford explained her surprising beliefs when colleagues asked about her ‘Kernow’ car sticker.

She said: “Kernow has its own rich Celtic heritage, including a very popular language and a professionally-designed flag. We also invented fudge and seafood restaurants and are sick of Westminster telling us what to do.

“Our proud, soon-to-be-independent nation boasts such urban powerhouses as Truro and St Austell, with an economic infrastructure based on growth industries like basket making.

“And sometimes our men wear kilts. Not sure why, but it’s good.”

Bradford’s co-worker Norman Steele said: “Obviously we thought she was joking, so I made a quip about how Cornwall should have its own currency featuring Martin Clunes in the role of Doc Martin on one side and a big pasty on the other.

“She looked at me earnestly, said ‘not a bad idea’ and made a note in her phone.”

Colleague Mary Fisher said: “I thought I’d play along with the apparent gag by saying that I was from the nation of Wiltshire, part of a proud fighting race called the Swindonians.

“Emma said that if our two races joined forces in the coming rebellion we could do a power-sharing deal.”