Couple pretending they met online so they don’t seem weird

A COUPLE who met in a pub are telling everyone they got together online so as not to seem like social misfits.

Wayne Hayes, 29 and Susan Traherne, 32, met when they both started singing along to a Ricky Martin song that was playing on the pub jukebox.

Traherne said: “At first we told our friends how we had met and bonded during a conversation in a shared public space, but we could tell that strange idea was making them deeply uneasy.

“So we pretended we had made the pub stuff up for a laugh, and invented a story about an internet dating site for people who are sexually attracted to those who ‘work in uniform’.

“We could tell straight away that the undercurrent of furtive web-based kinkiness made our friends much more comfortable.”

Traherne’s friend, Helen Archer said: “I am so glad they met on a fetish site and developed their relationship by sending rude photos to each other on Snapchat following a period of social media stalking.

“The thought of people liking one another following a physical meeting is so perverse I can taste sick in my mouth whenever I think about it.”