Couple saving to take parents out and ask them for a mortgage deposit

A COUPLE are setting aside money so that they can take their parents to a local restaurant and beg for a house deposit.

Tom Booker and Emma Bradford made the decision to start saving £100 after realising they were never going to be able to buy a house without their parents doing it for them.

Booker said: “As we’re first-time deposit blaggers we have to be realistic, we’re thinking of a Pizza Express or local Indian, nowhere too fancy but proper enough that they feel buttered up.

“We should have the money saved up in a couple of months if we lay off the cocaine.”

He added: “Dad will say I should have thought about this sooner, but it was impossible to save in our 20s, what with London rent and entry-level salaries and all the travelling we did.

“Our time in New Zealand, California and the Galapagos Islands wasn’t cheap, but it was life experience, and you can’t put a price on that. You can put a price on a house though.”

Bradford said: “It’s not like we’re expecting money to fall into our laps. We’re talking starters, puddings, the works.

“Although they did offer to have us round for lunch one Sunday though, maybe we should do that instead because it’s free.”