Couple who spunked £25k on wedding want some help with a house deposit

A NEWLYWED couple who spent £25,000 on their wedding want someone to give them money for a house.

Tom and Emma Logan, who had an idyllic barn wedding for 190 of their closest friends and family members with shitloads of doves and a celebrity DJ, currently live in a rented one-bedroom flat overlooking a roundabout. 

Tom Logan said: “Our wedding was the best day of our lives. You can’t put a price on things like that, although at the same time it did cost 25 grand.

“Now we want a house and Emma’s mum is too tight give us hers. So unless the government gives us a cheque we’re going to start one of those internet funding things.

“After all, you do want us to be happy, don’t you?”

Emma Logan agreed: “Everyone who came to the wedding got a free ice cream, from an actual ice cream van. That cost three grand although in retrospect we probably could have haggled that down to a couple of hundred quid.

“It’s very unfair that we now don’t have any money, after giving away ice cream at an event that was in no way a massive ego trip inspired by bullshit ITV2 programmes.”