Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Cyclists who follow the Highway Code to be punished

THE government is launching a crackdown on the minority of cyclists who bother to follow the Highway Code.

Police will be able to hand out harsher penalties amid fears that the reputation of cyclists is being ruined by the small number who insist on stopping at traffic lights and wearing a helmet.

A spokesperson said: “The lockdown saw an encouraging increase in cyclists riding on the pavement while using their phone. But there are still too many who think it is acceptable to use their bell to alert pedestrians to their presence.

“We need to clamp down on these rogue riders now, which is why we are giving police officers more powers – such as the use of spike strips in bicycle lanes.

“We’re also introducing new punishments for those who insist on abiding by the rules, including being forced to watch old episodes of Top Gear on repeat.

“These moves should help motorists, who will now know for certain that the cyclist they’re following won’t be bothering to stop for the red light up ahead.”

Cyclist Tom Logan said: “It’s not fair to tar all cyclists with the same brush. I weave in and out of traffic like a lunatic and I’m always careful not to use lights when I’m cycling at night.”