Dad blissfully unaware that ‘Netflix and chill’ means shagging

A MAN who asked his son’s girlfriend if she was going to stay for ‘Netflix and chill’ with the family has made everyone present want to curl up and die.

Martin Bishop, 54, used the popular phrase in an attempt to ingratiate himself with the younger generation, but instead caused horrendous embarrassment.

Bishop’s son Tom said: “It’s a shame because he’s usually alright. He’s not one of those dads who wears Crocs outdoors or gets drunk and cries over Father and Son by Cat Stevens.

“The phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ has been around for so long now that it has even infiltrated the minds of middle-aged IT consultants who mumble ‘It’s not the same without Clarkson’ every time Top Gear comes on.

“Unfortunately dad thinks the phrase literally means to relax whilst watching television. I explained this to my girlfriend, so I’m pretty sure she doesn’t think we engage in group sex sessions as a family.

“She has been making comments about ‘needing a bit more space’, but I’m sure that’s totally unrelated.”