Dad breaks 10-hour silence to recommend using the M69

A FATHER did not say a word during a 10-hour family visit until telling his daughter to use the M69 on the way home.

Carolyn Ryan’s 64-year-old father Pat remained silent throughout the introduction of her new boyfriend, a family meal, the arrival of her brother David, a second family meal and a family argument before suddenly speaking when she put on her coat to leave.

She said: “I’d forgotten he was there, then when I said I’d probably go via Nuneaton to miss the M6 traffic, he said ‘At this time of night?’.

“‘No,’ he said, as if he’d known I was there the whole time, ‘you want to go up the M69, great bit of road the M69, then get on the M1 up to the A50. Never any trouble on the A50’.

“My boyfriend suggested leaving the M69 for the A5, and Dad said that would have been alright before they ‘built the bloody retail park up Tamworth’.”

She added: “It felt like they really bonded during their discussion of how ‘shithouse’ the A523 is, even though ‘idiots’ think it’ll be a short cut.”