Dad chooses saying ‘series’ instead of ‘season’ as his hill to die on

A DAD has chosen saying ‘series’ instead of ‘season’ as his hill to die on, it has emerged.

63-year-old Bill McKay had previously railed against calling trainers ‘sneakers’, calling chips ‘fries’ and the use of the phrase ‘have a nice day’, but the battle against the American term for a run of television episodes has emerged as his last stand.

McKay said: “Imagine going to the video shop and asking for a ‘season’ of Only Fools and Horses. We’re not on a beach in Los Angeles, we’re in bloody Droitwich for Christ’s sake.

“In this house we have marmalade on toast for breakfast and we don’t bloody talk about ‘season one’ of ‘Allo ‘Allo, which incidentally is the greatest television programme ever made.”

McKay’s son Adam said: “I’ve told him he can’t use my Netflix login to watch Monarch of the Glen until he says it. It’s going to be brilliant.”