Dad invests in jumper that will see him through last 40 years of his life

A MIDDLE-aged man has purchased the functional sweater he will wear repeatedly until death.

Father of two Martin Bishop resorted to a shopping trip after a hole in the Superdry jumper that had seen him through the last five years became untenable.

After a brief glance at his choices, Bishop bought a shapeless dark grey jumper, knowing he now has the level of warmth and comfort he needs for the rest of his life.

Bishop said: “It’s nice to have that off my to-do list. The thought of having one more shopping trip was really weighing on me.

“This jumper will become synonymous with me, like a second skin. I will never be seen without it.

“It won’t venture into the washing machine or sit in a drawer, it will grace the sofa and the dinner parties that I am forced to attend. It will be brought out for weddings, funerals and doing DIY.”

Bishop’s wife Emma said: “Martin had the face of a man going to war, but he came back triumphant, cradling the shopping bag like a baby and muttering about how expensive things are.”