Sunday, 25th October 2020

Dad watching old Grange Hill episodes for homeschooling advice

A FATHER who has no idea how to teach his kids at home has been consulting old episodes of Grange Hill on YouTube.

Martin Bishop hopes the Phil Redmond BBC children’s drama he watched in the late 1970s will provide his two boys with all the knowledge they need to succeed in life.

Bishop said: “I’ve been teaching them everything I learned from Grange Hill. If you meet a boy called Gonch, tell him he can ‘naff it’ with his money-making schemes.

“And of course ‘Just say no’. Very important that. They were confused as to why we were doing a lesson about heroin, but look at what happened to Zammo.

“At lunchtime I threw a sausage on a fork at them. Exciting things like that never happened at my real comprehensive in the 70s, but I wish they had.”

Bishop said he was unsure about teaching maths, history, English, biology and all the core GCSE subjects as that side of school life did not crop up on the show. 

He added: “We’re focusing more on dramatically interesting subjects like racial prejudice. Swearing is strictly forbidden, because you never heard that on Grange Hill.”