Daydreaming office worker mutters ‘They’ll see, they’ll all see’

A DAYDREAMING office worker has been caught mouthing ‘They’ll see, oh yes they’ll all see’ to herself. 

Colleagues noticed that Nikki Hollis had been staring into space for around ten minutes, and managed to lip-read her muttered pronouncements that one day her greatness would be recognised.

Co-worker Tom Booker said: “It was pretty clear that she was rehearsing scenarios where she showed the entire world, including I’m guessing most of us here in the office, that they were wrong to underestimate her and will come to regret it.

“Pretty standard stuff and I’m certainly not about to judge her. What office worker doesn’t get through the day with fantasies of their own superiority and future revenge?”

Hollis continued her daydream for a futher five minutes before smiling in a knowing way, shaking her head and laughing cruelly to herself.