Discussion thread composed entirely of f**kwits

AN online discussion thread does not contain a single person who knows what they are talking about.

The Institute for Studies found that every comment below a Telegraph article about the upcoming general election was written by people with zero reasoning skills who know nothing about Britain.

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “This is quite rare. There’s usually one normal person who pops in, realises their mistake and gets the hell out.”

According to Brubaker one of the common themes in the thread was a concept known as ‘compulsory gay’.

He said: “The only way to stop this is to, ‘vote for Nigel from the Top Gear’.

“A lot people seem to think ‘Oxbridge’ is an actual university and is ‘full of muslims who decide the election’. One person underlined this point by saying ‘demography now!’.

Brubaker also revealed there has been a 30 percent, year on year, increase in commenters who make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

He added: “If anyone can tell us what this means, that would be useful – ‘eliphant was not aloud to speak his name of! Pathific!’.”