Sunday, 9th May 2021

Dog realises he was adopted

A LABRADOR has realised that the people he thought were his parents are actually a different species.

Medium-sized dog Roy Hobbs was alerted to the deception when he saw his reflection in a silver tray: “I assumed some sort of wolf-like animal had broken into the house, and started barking.

“But then my ‘mother’ came rushing in. She said ‘Silly boy, you startled poor Mummy, yes you did’ and pointed out that I was actually looking at myself.

“It didn’t take long after that for the penny to drop. I looked at my hands, and realised they were actually paws.

“I know genetic traits like ginger hair can skip a generation but I’m pretty sure being a quadruped doesn’t. They should have said something instead of just letting me woo human females by sticking my nose up their skirts.

“This is so stressful, feel how hot and dry my nose is.

“Apparently my real parents met and fell in love when my father’s owners brought him to her house and locked them in a utility room together overnight.”

Hobbs’ owner Janet Fisher said: “He’ll get over it when he’s had a biscuit.”