Dog thinks dream about chasing rabbits must have deeper meaning

A DOG believes his dream about chasing rabbits must have some sort of deep hidden meaning.

Dog Stephen Malley had the vivid dream last night, during which his legs flailed wildly as he imagined being in a field with some rabbits, and then chasing them around for a bit.

Malley said: “What is the symbolism of those rabbits? Perhaps they reflect some sort of repressed puppyhood memory, or some sort of Freudian angst about losing my testicles.

“I’ve had this dream several times now. There’s definitely some deep stuff going on.”

Malley also described another recurring dream where he goes into a room which contains big baskets of chocolate and his other favourite treats, and then he eats them all.

He said: “Maybe the chocolate represents my mother, who I never really knew. Also I have this other dream about a big bone that is very juicy, then I wake up with slobber all over the manky bean bag I sleep on.

“Truly the workings of my dog mind have many deep and unexplored layers.”