Dogshit bins are homeworkers’ watercoolers

HOMEWORKERS in need of office-style conversation about TV and sport are meeting by dog waste bins.

The bins, positioned at the perfect height to lean on, are the new hangout spot for thousands of freelancers desperate to avoid work by going on about Game of Thrones for 40 minutes.

Illustrator Joanna Kramer said: “I was strolling by last week, polybag of hot excreta in hand, when I got chatting about the latest Taylor Swift video.

“It’s a great place to chill – one elbow on the bin, opening conversations by asking if Rex has been regular then moving on to what’s happening with the Kardashians.

“Now I’m swinging by at least four times a day, and the only problem is I’m suffering a shit shortage.

“I tried making fakes from wet cardboard and chocolate posset but they don’t stand up to scrutiny.”

Kramer’s cocker spaniel Herbie said: “Finally we get to hang out where all the good smells are.

“Though when I hear them going on about Geordie Shore it does turn my stomach a bit.”