Dressing dog up a cry for help

A WOMAN dressing her dog up in human outfits is not doing too well, she has confirmed.

Eleanor Shaw has been putting clothes on her dog and posting the pictures on social media, while hoping the attention includes someone checking up on her.

While seeing an animal wearing human clothes is almost always hilarious, the act of actually dressing them up indicates either a lot of spare time, something significant missing from one’s life, or as in Shaw’s case, both.

Shaw said: “I started dressing Benji up because people liked seeing the pictures, and also because my life is going down the khazi. Look at him sitting up like a human. My boyfriend used to sit like that. That’s actually his hat.

“Last week I dressed him as a Prussian general, and next week I’m going to dress him as Sherlock Holmes. If that doesn’t get alarm bells ringing I don’t know what will.”