Facebook nutter includes workplace in his profile

A FACEBOOK lunatic is happy for everyone to know where he works, it has emerged.

Wayne Hayes, who does not bother with privacy setting on his social media account, regularly posts his opinions on immigration, crop circles, fluoride, his ex-wife and his job.

Visitors to Hayes’ profile immediately learn that he is Customer Care Manager for the Tiverton branch of a mid-sized consumer electronics store, before being offered a litany of insane beliefs and sackable offences.

Hayes said: “I tell it like it is, whether it’s how Muslim scientists made crop circles to distract us from their nefarious schemes, or how I hate my job and think my line-manager is a filthy pervert.

“And if I’ve sold you a piece of shit hi-fi cable you’d better believe I’m going to be telling my Facebook friends and tagging you in the post.

“What are you going to do about it, get me fired?”