Saturday, 4th April 2020

Families gather to sing jolly songs about brutal execution

FAMILIES have joined together to sing jolly little songs about the time a man was brutally nailed to a cross.

The annual sing-song also features catchy numbers about corpses rising from graves, lots of blood and the blessed mercy of unknowable, omnipotent beings.

The Reverend Susan Traherne said: “All the kids have drawn lovely pictures of Our Lord and Saviour up on the cross, where he died in agony.

“They narrated his journey to betrayal and the tomb, then we did some really uplifting songs about how the tomb could not hold him and he rose again and went to see all his old mates who’d lied about him when he was dead.

“After that, which is the true meaning of Easter, we all go on a fun little hunt in the churchyard to find chocolate eggs. It’s what Jesus would’ve wanted.”