Family discovers ‘will of the people’ is terrible way to make decisions

A FAMILY of two adults and three small children is regretting putting all household decisions to a simple majority vote.

The Sheridans of Nottingham failed to realise the ‘will of the people’ would lead to problems such as their children deciding every meal should just be Haribos.

Mum Donna said: “I thought the kids were fairly sensible, but now my teeth have a constant coating of Haribo fur and my hair is falling out from malnutrition.

“With their slim majority they voted to stop going to school and now we’re being taken to court. On the upside, at least we’re going to Disneyland next month. And indeed every month until our money runs out.

“All the stress makes me want a big glass of wine, but Becky and the two boys cut a deal to spend the alcohol budget on My Little Pony crud, an iguana and two crossbows.”

However even the main beneficiaries of the new system have reservations. Six-year-old Liam said: “Me and Becky and Jack voted to have a massive bonfire with loads of petrol and fireworks and it burned the shed down and melted our bikes.

“Clearly this was Mummy and Daddy’s fault for opposing democracy. As punishment they will not be allowed to play with the pet chimp we’ve ordered.”