Friend has another f**kwitted YouTube video for you

A MAN believes he is giving friends a vital insight into how the world works by sending them YouTube videos clearly made by fringe crackpots.

Martin Bishop regularly sends out amateurish videos – usually by strange, ranting men – on topics as diverse as the global banking system and losing weight by eating lots of meat.

Friend Nikki Hollis said: “Martin just sent me another time-wasting video claiming mankind could get all the energy we need from saltwater, if it wasn’t for ‘big oil’ and the Rothschilds.

“Then there was one about banks being a con-trick because the only legal currency is gold, which has never affected me paying for my shopping or getting a mortgage.

“I wish Martin would ditch the silly internet theories, but then he might not feel special and really intelligent for watching 10-minute videos.”

IT worker Bishop said: “I’m much better informed than most people because I’m not afraid to look up secret knowledge you can only get on a homemade videos website.

“I won’t be rotting my insides because I believe the lies of the food industry. I’ve been on Professor Rick’s high-bacon diet for two weeks now and I’ve never been happier.”