Friday, 28th February 2020

Friendship effectively ended with the words 'Let's just pay for what we had'

A FRIENDSHIP has come to a close with the words 'Let’s just pay for what we had', it has been confirmed.

The long-standing friendship between Tom Booker and Stephen Malley died after the incident at a local restaurant.

Booker said: “When the bill arrived I expected the usual bit of theatre. Stephen would look at it thoughtfully for a moment before saying ‘let’s just split it’ which I would then agree to.

“But when he said ‘Let’s just pay for what we had’, he might as well have spat in my face and called my mother a whore.

“All I could think was ‘What did I do wrong? Why does he hate me so much that he’s forcing me to open the calculator app on my phone?"

Booker added: “Maybe he’s wanted to end our friendship for a while, but not had the guts to be straight with me. Well, checkmate I guess. Well played old friend, well played.”

Malley said: “I had a chicken salad with some tap water, he had a starter, the steak and three beers. He does this every fucking time.”