Gay rights have gone to kind of a weird place, campaigner admits

A LIFELONG campaigner for gay rights has admitted he never expected the battle to become quite so cake-focused.

After spending decades fighting to be treated fairly, Joseph Turner is slightly perplexed by a row over his right to have a Bert and Ernie cake made for him by homophobes.

Turner, 68, said: “I’m still totally committed to winning equality, but if I’m honest I think we’ve gone a bit random.

“I’m not saying we give up the struggle, it’s just that the right to live, love and marry felt a bit more tangible than a row over sexually ambiguous edible Muppets.

“I remember when the very practice of homosexuality was illegal. I remember Clause 28 when Thatcher thought obscure text books would turn everyone gay.

“But now we’ve got gay MPs, gay bars in every town and mums throwing coming out parties, are the cakes really that important? Maybe it’s just because I don’t like cake that much.”

He added: “I’d always assumed cakes were gay anyway. I mean just look at them. They’re not straight.”