Giving Murdoch total control of UK for last 40 years ‘not in public interest’, says watchdog 

A MEDIA watchdog has ruled that giving a rabid Australian complete control of Britain for the last four decades was not in the public interest.

The decision to hand all major functions of government over to Rupert Murdoch in 1978 was, according to Ofcom, made without proper consultation and has ultimately been to Britain’s detriment.

A spokesman said: “Elections are messy, no doubt about it, but letting the Sun newspaper decide every prime minister since 1979 has caused its own problems.

“Likewise, the relentless pursuit of an extreme right-wing agenda to remove all rights from individuals, awarding them instead to corporations, has actually made ordinary Britons’ lives measurably and provably worse.

“When we look back over 40 years and every key disaster, from the poll tax to the Iraq war to Brexit, has been made by Murdoch while the British people pay the price, we have to recommend that control be returned to the people.”

Following the ruling, culture secretary Matthew Hancock announced that Ofcom was dissolved without further notice and cleared Sky’s hostile takeover of the BBC.