Graduate looking for ‘easy life’ decides to be a teacher

A POLITICS graduate with no real ambitions in life has decided to give in and just become a teacher.

Tom Logan, aged 24, has resolved that working for a living is not for him and he will instead trade his 2:1 degree for a career of short days, 13 weeks’ holiday a year and watching the money roll in.

He said: “I considered several demanding career paths that would reward hard work and dedication, but in the end I just took the easy option.

“Secondary school, probably English or History though I did get a C in GCSE Maths so teaching A-level is an option. I imagine I’ll be the cool one.

“You know the drill: sit on a chair backwards, amaze them by knowing who Tupac is, inspire a few tough kids from the wrong side of the tracks into sharing their raw but brilliant poems.

“I’ll be inspirational all the way until half-three, then I’ll be straight in the pub because it’s more or less a part-time job.”

A Department of Education spokesman said: “We’ve cut pay, we’ve massively increased marking, we’ve done our best. But yeah, basically. Easy Street for life.”