Gran who won’t say ‘bloody’ in favour of mass deportations

A PENSIONER who cannot bring herself to say even the mildest swear words has no problem with rounding people up and deporting them.

82-year-old Mary Fisher will not say ‘bloody’ and confusingly shortens the word ‘bugger’ to ‘B’, but shows no such reticence about fascist-style immigration policies.

Fisher said: “All the effing and blinding these days is terrible. We need to go back to a more civilised society, with forced repatriation for all the scroungers who come here.

“I’d bring in compulsory ID cards and get the army to do house-to-house searches for immigrants and Eastern European criminals. Then it’s straight on a boat back to where they came from.

“I think we should get rid of all foreigners, not just the illegal ones. We’d have our country back and it would probably reduce the amount of swearing.”

Granddaughter Lucy Fisher said: “It’s very strange to see gran visibly uncomfortable if someone says ‘wanker’ on TV, then the next minute feel like you’re having tea with Sir Oswald Mosley.”